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Remember : Tsunami hitted South-Easth Asia, 26 December 2004

The Tsunami hitted also Seychelles, exactly where I was 2 month before (10/04),
the waves have been about 5 meter high and two hotels have been hardly damaged.
It seems there isn't any death, but the TV says there is at least 3 death in Seychelles.

I've contacted the housekeeper of the guesthouse where I stayed and they are all ok,
but many material damages.

God bless all Indian Ocean !



Praslin Island Mini-dxpedition is successfully over.


Start: 24.10.2004

End: 05.11.2004

Location: Praslin Island AF-024








Many Thanks to all HAM to have made QSO with me and thanks for the patience.


The vertical HyGain DX77A has been blocked by Alitalia in Malpensa Airport and there was no way to carry it on the flight, even as oversize baggage, because it's in a carton !!! (It's the first time I've heard a so stupid thing, and my surprise was that there was many cartons with the same dimensions ready to be loaded on the airplane (picture link!!) when I entered the plane !)


A complete and descriptive story about our dxpedition will follow as soon as possible. My wife has helped me by logging on Pile-ups and made some QSO also, with me beside.


Main results:

2002 QSO

117 DXCC

560 WPX

36 Zones !!!!


152 Spots on DXCluster: link


178 PICTURES : this link)






Flight Milano Malpensa, 23.10.04, 1545z, AZ 1039 to Rome Fiumicino

Flight Rome Fiumicino, 23.10.04, 2150z, HM 9 to Mahe Island

Flight Mahe Island, 24.10.04, 0945z, HM 3096 to Praslin Island

Arrival at 1000z on Praslin Island


Flight Praslin Island, 06.11.04, 1020z, HM 3103 to Mahe Island

Flight Mahe Island, 06.11.04, 1210z, HM 4 to Rome Fiumicino

Flight Rome Fiumicino, 06.11.04, 2115z, AZ 1050 to Milano Malpensa

Arrival at 2235z to Milano Malpensa



L'Hirondelle Guest House at www.seychelles.net/hirondelle



Working Conditions:

- Icom IC-706MK2 - works great !

- MFJ G5RV Dipole 10-80 (installed on a tree, there was no high palms near, at only 6m / 18 ft from   

  the ground. Direction Nord-Sud)

- MFJ Automatic Antenna Tuner MFJ 991 - works very fine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- MFJ Voice Keyer 424 - an incredible tool for not loosing the voice


Other Informations:


Time to get the Licence: about 2-3 month

Price to get the Licence: 100 USD

Request at: Seychelles Licensing Authority, PO Box 3, Victoria Mahe,Republic of Seychelles

Contact person: Ms. Miranda Benoiton at : mbenoiton@sla.gov.sc


Approx. Price/person for the stay 2 weeks in Seychelles including flight from Italy: USD 2500-3000



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