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Antigua Island Mini-dxpedition is successfully over.


Start: 14.04.2006

End: 16.04.2006

Location: Antigua, Gunthorpes, NA-100







Many Thanks to all HAM to have made QSO with me and thanks for the patience.


I was using the V26B Super Station. It's really a big station:

- tower 10m: 4 over 4 over 4 el. yagi

- tower 15m: 5 over 5 el. yagi

- tower 20m: 3 over 3 el. yagi

- tower 40m: 2 over 2 el. yagi

- 80m: 3 el. Wire on Europe and 1 el. Wire on USA

- 160m: inverted V dipole

- WARC: 3 elements

- another tower with TH7DX from Hygain + 2 el. 40m.

- another tower with 3 el. 6m



My wife HB3YIY has helped me by logging on Pile-ups and made some QSO also, with me beside.


Main results:

1564 QSO


456 WPX

26 Zones !!!!


163 Spots on DXCluster: link





HRD 2006-04-14 235608.mp3

HRD 2006-04-15 154741.mp3

HRD 2006-04-15 154911.mp3

HRD 2006-04-15 160119.mp3



Flight Milano - London - St. John, with British Airways, but many companies flight there...



V26B, for more infos see: http://n3oc.dyndns.org/v26b/



Working Conditions:

- Icom IC-706MK2 - works great !

- Kenwood TS 450

- antennas se upper description

- MFJ Voice Keyer 424 - an incredible tool for not loosing the voice


Other Informations:


Time to get the Licence: 1/2 day, better on morning

Price to get the Licence: 63 USD

Request on site at the Cable and Wireless building, in front of the post office, 4th floor, Licensing Authority, St. John, Antigua

Contact person: M. William Henry at william.henry@ab.gov.ag, phone 268-562-1868, fax 268-562-1872



Approx. Price/person for the stay 2 weeks on Antigua including flight from Italy: USD 2500-3000



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