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Station 1 - HB9OCR / HB9MH since 2008




New station: (since 16.10.2006)

Kenwood TS950SDX Complete Line

Kenwood TL922 Power Amplifier

MFJ 3KW Tuner

MFJ 424 Voice Keyer

TH7DX Yagi, 7 elements, 10-15-20m (sold)

DX77A Vertical, 27 feet high, 10 to 40m all bands (sold)

Inverted V dipole on 40-80-160m (sold)

PC with ADSL connection





(Old station dismantled in March 2006)



Yaesu FT-1000 MP - HF Tranceiver with new Heil Pro Set Microphone (sold)

DSP 599+ (sold)

MFJ 424 Voice Keyer

Hy Gain TH7DX (Sold)

dipole lowband (sold)


Link to DXC: Packet 9600 on 70 cm radio


Antenna System (dismantled on July 2008 and sold)





Station 2 (dismantled in October 2005 and sold)




Yaesu FT847R - HF/VHF/UHF Tranceiver (sold)

MFJ 424 Voice Keyer

MFJ Automatic Antenna Tuner MFJ 991

Cushcraft 2x13 el. 144 MHz  (sold)

Cushcraft 2x25 el. 432 MHz (sold)

6 el. 6m Homemade

vertical 6m 2x5/8 (Diamond)

vertical 2m/70cm (Diamond)


Link to DXC: Packet 9600 on 70 cm radio




Old hardware (Eme system - it was a 4 x 13 Cushcraft 144 and 2 x 25 Cushcraft 432, 1kW 144, 350W 432):



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