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Digital Modes

  1. APRS

    APRS: Automatic Position Reporting System

    California APRS home page



    ATCO SSTV Page

    Amateur Television Quarterly

    Baltimore Radio Amateur Television Society

    Harlan Technologies

    G0ITP Amateur Radio SSTV Page

    KB4YZ's SSTV page

    Windows 95 SSTV


  3. Packet Radio Sites

    Carolina Digital Coordination Council

    First Coast Amateur Digital Association

    InterFlex Software

    The Ottawa Packet Radio Network

    Packet Association of Western New York

    Packet FAQ

    Packet Radio User's Group, Japan

    Radio Amateur Telecommunications Society

    Tucson Amateur Packet Radio

    Washington Experimentors TCP/IP Network

    What is Packet Radio?


  4. PSK31 Info

    PSK31 "Official" Homepage

    WM2U's PSK31 page

    PSK31 info page

    PSK31 Relay

    Zakanaka by K4CY


  5. RTTY Info

    MMTTY Website


    RTTY Loop

EME Sites
EME & Weak Signal Page
North East Weak Signal VHF Group
Radio Astronomy and Radio Amateurs

Morse Code Info


Extremely High Speed Club

FISTS Home Page

High Speed Club

Morse Academy

Morse Code Translator

Telegraph & Scientific Instrument Cyber-museum

The Telegraph Office

QRP pages

Colorado QRP Club, Inc.

New England QRP Club

The NorCal Page

New Jersey QRP Club

QRP World

Latest QRP DX-Spots (From DX Summit - OH2AQ)

Six Meters

UK Six Metre Group

Worldwide Amateur Radio Information (LOTS of 6m stuff)

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