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Hi All,


following you'll find pictures and history about my mobiles operations.


Since I had the hobby of radio, I allways went to mountains for DXing.

1994-1999 I had a first a Ford Escort with ICOM IC-706MK2 and 2 antennas: one for 2m/70cm and one 10 meter.


2000-2007 Now I've got an Audi A3 1.8T, more confortable, with 2 MFJ magnetic bases and all band of antenna, tunned at best point 1.2 SWR at center SSB portion, between 80m and 70cm. The rig is allways the same, because it's works great and I installed a MFJ Autotuner for any outside-the-car antenna !


July 2006 News: I bought the new ICOM 7000. It works really good. The LCD is great and all the functions are simply to use. First qso on 20m with CU6X, with 59+ report.


June 2007 News: new car !!! Now more confortable I've got an Audi S4 2.7 BiTurbo Station Wagon equipped with the wonderfull IC-7000, the AT-7000 auto antenna tuner and the magnetic base with his nice antennas. Sold on December 2008


April 2009 - New HOT Car: Nissan SKYLINE GTR 33, 2.5T fuel, 300bhp, original japanese car with drive on the right side, the car from the movie Fast and Furious (the last from 2009 !!) buyed second hand on April 2009. (Ok guys, the one on the movie was the 34 model, but the differences are so small... other than the bhp...)

Installed is for now just an Icom 7000, but planning to install the IC-706MK2 also. Icom 7000 has video input, so usable as external camera. Free hand system for both radio and phone system installed :-) !! DVD Player also... next will be the tuner and a mini-PC.. Do you know how much things you could do to the ECM with a serial cable?... ;-)


March 2011: BMW 330xd Touring - sold in August 2012


actual Station Mobile:

Icom IC-7000

2x triple magnet support for vertical monoband MFJ / Diamond (practically each band is covered except 160m)

1x single magnet support for local traffic



Old cars:







Lastest hottest DX made from /Mobile:


Date Band, Antenna Time Station
31.01.04 14 MHz - 14.277, MFJ 21.15 9Y4/DL8JS
07.05.04 7  MHz  -    7.065, MFJ 05.45 ZL4IR
06.08.04 14 MHz, MFJ 06.30 VK3WDX
Just outside my office
31.09.04 28 MHz, Diamond 18.02 LW7DG
Just arriving home
04.09.04 14 MHz, MJF 14.55 JE1CKE
On the lake of Zurich into a ferryboat
19.10.05 20m, MFJ mono 11.37 JT1BG
17.11.05 20m, MFJ mono 12.00 DU9/IV3IYH
06.12.05 20m, MFJ mono 08.10 JA1BCD
during 2006 20m, MFJ Mono 06-08 utc many VK / ZL / JA
  18m, 20m, MFJ Mono 16-20 utc US/VE, Central and South America
October 2007 new antenna: Maldol Monoband 15m 17 utc ZS as first QSO







(old magnet system...)                                                       (thats the old picture...)

(new system, new pictures...)



(Note Sept 04: that's the old combi, the new one is better... picture will follow...)




(2m high gain Diamond and MFJ 20m)



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